An Amazon adventure to remember

by freedomtravelers

It may have been an exhausting trip from Cuzco, but after two buses and a flight taking us from the andes to the rainforest, we finally boarded a motorised canoe and began a two and a half hour journey up the Tambopata River.

As the canoe took us up river we enjoyed our first taste of the Amazon. We watched a group of brightly coloured Macaws frolic on the banks of the river. Then our guide spotted the worlds largest rodent, a rare amazonian species closer in size to a shetlan pony then to your average rat.

That evening on an after dark hike we discovered that night time is when the rainforest is at its most interesting. We could hear but not see what sounded like hundreds of birds, frogs, insects, bats and monkeys surrounding us, scavenging for food. Our group was over the moon when we spotted a sloth. When we came back the next day to check on our friend Rupert he had sadly disappeared.

We did not know what to expect on our first full day in the Amazon but after completing the Inca Trail just two days earlier a six hour hike through the rainforest was definitely not what we had in mind. Little did we know Patchamama (mother earth) had a few tricks up her sleave for us.

After a five hour trek through mud, a canoe ride, a spot of piranha fishing and some monkey watching the weather began to take a turn. The winds picked up and huge trees began to sway. One by one large trees surrounding us began to tumble, then rain began bucketing down. The weather was intense and we all ran back to the lodge absolutely drenched. That night mosquitoes were out in full force and absolutely gorged on our blood.