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Mayan Ruins of Coba & Tulum

The Yucatan Peninsula is the land of the ancient Maya, people who built grand temples to honor their Gods. Without the benefit of modern tools they mastered the skill of architecture, building elaborate pyramids and sprawling cities.

While traveling through the Yucatan region we had the opportunity to visit the Mayan ruins of both Coba & Tulum.

The Mayan ruins of Coba were built between two lakes during the Classic Period of (600 – 900 A.D). At this time it was a very large city spread over 80 square kilometers. The main pyramid, “Nohoch Mul” meaning “Large Hill” is 42 meters tall and is the highest in the Yucatan peninsula.

Climbing Nohoch Mul, 'Apocolypto' came to mind. As we climbed from rugged rock to rock we could not help but think of all the human sacrifices that had occurred in this very place. The steep steps to the top were a little daunting especially as we thought of human heads rolling down the very steps we were climbing.

Nohoch Mul

The top of Nohoch Mul

The Tulum ruins were a complete different experience to the Coba ruins as they are set right on a beautiful beach. Here are a few photos of our adventure through Tulum.

Finding the best spots to take photos, even if it means creating your own tour track over a rope into a thick bush!



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